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Our education and training team has worked so far in 23 countries.

Below is a list of clients who contrated or sub-contracted our professionals both directly or via other Oracle partners throughout Europe. Such a long list of referrals is due to the long experience of our Oracle edcuation team, working initially for the company HELI-ASC, and now employed in a new separate company, namely our company, IMPRIMIT.

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IMPRIMIT can provide you with all the courses of the ORACLE education program listed on the ORACLE web site. The size of the study groups can vary, but generally courses are held for 3-20 students.

If you are interested in some of the courses, please fill in the form on the signup page for each course. We will reach back to you with the availability and schedule information.

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We offer to our clients the full range of ORACLE education services as well as the preparation for ORACLE certification exams, including:

  • ORACLE Private Events in the client's facilities (depending on number of participants): content tailored trainings to match client organization's specific needs;
  • ORACLE Classroom Training using the facilities provided by the ORACLE EDUCATION CENTRE at Budmanijeva street 1 in Zagreb (Croatia): in-class demonstrations and hands-on labs;
  • Live Virtual Class (LVC) training held online by qualified instructors: in-class demonstrations and hands-on labs in a virtual classroom environment;
  • Training On Demand (TOD): e-learning materials supported with videos, lectures, and lab activities to which it is possible can access 24/7 and study at one's own pace.

All interactive courses are run by skilled trainers with a long experience working in carrying out lectures both in Croatia and abroad. We hold courses in Croatian, English, and Italian languages.

Besides the necessary courses, prerequisites for the ORACLE certifications, we also provide access to tools simulating the examination environment through which is possible to test one's knowledge and become fully prepared for the ORACLE certification exams. Our instructors can assist the client in doing exam preparation while using these tools. Combining the methods of knowledge evaluation by means of such tools and teaching specific course contents,  we can ensure that our clients are going to pass the certification exams successfully. Certifications are important because certified employees enable their organisations to have competitive advantages on the ever more demanding market for specialised services, namely by being able to assure and provide better services to their clients.

Courses can be also content tailored to match our clients' organization specific needs, and organized thus to meet the requirements of a smaller or larger number of students .

For further information please click here.

For the portfolio of courses  already performed by IMPRIMIT click here.

A complete course schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

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